That Day It Came

In 2016 I worked directly with residents, businesses, schools, local authorities, emergency services, community volunteers, environment agencies, healthcare services and local tourists to record their accounts of the 2015 Boxing Day floods. The verbatim performance covered the floods timeline of events, cited eye witness accounts, documented how the local community mobalised the clean up and organised recovery. From acts of kindness to shifting changes in perceptions ‘That Day It Came’ processes the emotional, social, economic and political fallout of the floods long after the media teams leave.

‘It managed to encapsulate the chaos, the intimacy, the scale, the bizarreness, the personalities, the spontaneity, the horror, the confusion and the humanity of the flood in a way I’d not been able to before’ Hebden Bridge Arts Festival Volunteer.

‘The acknowledgment of help from ethnic communities was emotional and positive’ Audience Member.